Mrs. Inspire found her calling in Christian music since the time she was a child. Serving the Lord, modeling with a message, and singing were second nature to her being it was all she was surrounded by in her Christian upbringing. So, it was only a matter of time before she too would share her God-given strengths and gifts in her own unique way. Mrs. Inspire always knew she would share her gifts from the Lord to reach others in hopes to bring them closer to Him and experience the beauty of who He is. However, it has not been without it's challenges, setbacks, and moments of deep despair. When Mrs. Inspire began creating her album, she reflected on her entire life and realized it was in those times she was able to witness who God is and understand His infinite love and mercies for us. This allowed her to create very real and raw music about Jesus from what she witnessed in her personal life. 
 She has been working on this album since 2013, along with her passion for anti-bullying. A subject she has personally experienced and shares candidly and authentically without any reservations about the Enemy, Satan.   Mrs. Inspire also uses her platform to encourage and inspire others to embrace their true identity and to be you in order to radiate a beauty from within that is special and unique to you.   As you join her music journey, she invites you to share the beauty of love from our Savior, Jesus, that is woven into her music with others in hopes to reach those whose hearts are lost and broken that they may be touched deeply and experience the joy and peace from above that surpasses all understanding.  
Brand new single "Awaiting My
Available everywhere 
Awaiting My King 
As  a special "thank you" to those who support Mrs. Inspire's music journey, she will allow you to decide the price for her tunes, even if you choose to only listen to her God-inspired music for free. Yes, that's right, for free. The most important part of this whole journey is to spread an inspiring and positive message that shines a light and gives glory to God. Pay whatever you feel the Lord lays on your heart, if you do decide to.

For those who do pay anything at all, Mrs. Inspire will list you on the credits and will forever link you to the mission behind this project in appreciation for your support. However, she will only offer this for a limited time. Your support let's Mrs. Inspire know you feel her vision is worth the effort in sharing an honest perspective to who God is along her journey in life. 
Pick Your Price:
Do you ever want to just give up?
Like it's not worth it all
Yes, I've been there too
Well, let me remind you
There's an answer to your broken prayers
For He's always there
Await on Him
Where destiny begins
And miracles never end
Where hopes and dreams are unseen
With faith anything can be
So until Kingdom come
I'm awaiting my King
When you're challenged by your fears
Keep your faith and hold on
Cast your cares on Him
Just believe He won't be long
And know that God will carry you through
So rest on who He is
Repeat Chorus
When times are hard
It's tough to believe in Him
Trust me, He's not far
You're never alone
He's always there through trouble thick and
And He walks with you through the unknown
Repeat Chorus
Awaiting My King
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